White Walls




This boutique project is designed in response to the tight site & setback requirements. Each floor consists of a lavish 3BHK apartment with attached flower beds. They are uniquely designed with full height windows for ample light and cross ventilation. The service shafts are screened off with vertical fins creating a play in the façade. The entrance lobby opens into a garden space with sit out corners and Kid’s Play area. The compound wall design with plantations enhances the sense of arrival to the drop-off lobby.

ASA_Shri Krishna Enclave_Khar West_Site


The concept of this Smart Office building design was developed with a vision of creating multiple business environment along with productive well-being of the employees. This office building is envisioned with the street concept. The ground floor level is designed with the street grid that offers more of public interactive spaces like business lounge and café. The building at above levels is connected with staggered bridges. It has a central atrium that filters natural light within the building. It has break-out spaces designed for interaction of fellow employees as well as to destress and relax. The building is also designed with Integrated Building management systems consisting of complete building security and Lifts with destination control.



Aim is to design an efficient and compact layout called the Micro-Home for Mumbai. The layout is designed in a manner that the common utility areas are placed in the center so that it reduces the passage area.  The Units have a static layout for prefabricated construction, along with dynamic furniture systems to adapt for its use in day and night.

ASA_Mahimbay_Micro homes.jpg


The landscape design concept is a composition of intersecting and overlapping circles and planes creating interesting spaces. The landscape spaces are carefully designed and integrated within a composition that define kid’s play area, garden spaces, yoga and meditation spaces along with the multipurpose court. It creates a seamless link between the indoor clubhouse activities and outdoor activities.
The kitchen garden located adjacent to the clubhouse and kids play area reinforces healthy living and encourages people to take part in garden activities. Varied garden spaces and seating spaces around the building periphery and the driveway are perfectly and elegantly arranged to create an evolving experience as one moves through the site. A garden pavilion on the podium level with seating areas and an amphitheatre allows residents to mingle and interact with each other as well as create relaxing vantage points.

ASA_Nashik_Landscape Details.jpg


Designing  a Bungalow in the developing district of India - Pali has given us an opportunity to explore local materials and innovate its use with technology. 
Evolution of Indian Contemporary Architecture means fusion of local materials with a strong simple geometry to highlight the scheme.
Green bio-walls and plantation in the courtyards helps to cool the micro environment. Stone walls and stone jali railing proposed with the intention to increase the thermal barrier. 
Since the bungalow is surrounded by joint built environments, the stack vent in the center of the building helps for natural ventilation. It also enables for the controlled, natural light during the day.

ASA_Bungalow at Pali3.jpg