White Walls


Doing Great Things



This is a 3 BHK apartment at L&T Cresent Bay completed in 4 months. The concept evolved around decor for a high end Marwari family having the taste of Indian Contemporary style. 
The special attention was give to design spaces like Kids niche, Puja niche and a picture window to the Kitchen. 
The spaces flowed with subtle colour  scheme and interior style which has a tinge of luxury.

ASA_L&T Cresent Bay_ Living.JPG

OMKAR 1973

This is a 3BHK apartment at Omkar 1973, Worli completed  in 4 months. The concept evolved around creating aesthetically functional spaces in the layout. Special attention is given in the design using Vastu principals.
The use of seamless Italian Marble flooring, customized toilets and large wall spaces to display the art collection was considered since the inception of the project which carved the spatial beauty. 
Ceiling is designed to accommodate central air-conditioning systems, uniform ambient lights and spot lights to accentuate the spatial continuity of the space.

ASA_Omkar 1973 Worli_Kitchen.JPG


Tea Villa Cafe, Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel was designed with different levels of seating spaces with comfortable mattress and beautifully decorated pillows. Spacious and uncluttered, with the tables and stands, it resembles the quintessential place you would love to spend time with your loved ones. Children too will enjoy the central double storeyed pod design. 
Antique artifacts, light bulbs, embellished wall adorned with positive messages and a vertical wall dedicated to the Oriental hand crafted fixed fans from the Ming Dynastic give off a positive vibe. 

ASA_Tea Villa_ Entrance_edited.jpg


Welspun is a group of listed companies operating from Mumbai. We designed their offices, cafetria, training rooms and other spaces as per the need. Serving the large corporate has been a boost to the portfolio of ASA and has outgrown its talents to deliver the projects under tight deadlines with highly skilled contractors and consultants.

ASA_Welspun Enterprises Office _ Reception_edited_edited.jpg


1BHK Apartment at Kandivali West suites the compact design fit-out. An initial design thought of microhomes with adaptable furniture was explore with this client having a futuristic vision.
Apart from the basic spaces, the client had a requirement of a study space, puja space along with enough storage but still the feel had to be spacious enough. The way ahead was to design a kind of a micro-home with space saving layouts using sleek straight lines and minimalist approach.
We have used bespoke joinery, sliding partitions and moveable/ collapsible furniture to make the most of limited space. Designed a collapsible dining table along with well-designed sofa that unfolds into a bed. Centre table was designed in a way that opened up as a small dining space for the couple. The design elevates a one dimensional space into multiple use making it efficient and comfortable.

ASA_Pazika Society_ Living.JPG


1BHK Apartment at Walkeshwar viewing the Bangana is one of the best sites we loved to explore our designs. Having refurbished one of the first buildings of Mumbai had lots of on-site challenges which was resolved with our technical expertise. Minimalistic approach and spatial planning is the core thought to the design. The view of Bangana was further accentuated by designing cozy corner seating in the balcony space.